Charcoal Detox Body Scrub
Charcoal Detox Body Scrub

Charcoal Detox Body Scrub

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This scrub is a powerful blend made for those that need that extra step in their body, face or skincare. It is made with activated charcoal to detoxify, exfoliate and cleanse the skin. This is a wonderful blend for men or those struggling with acne, dark scars and oily skin.

Activated charcoal is an ancient tool used for skincare and overall help. It helps:
1. Draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other impurities to the surface of skin
2. Keeps skin clear and fight acne
3. It can be used to disinfect wounds
4. Reduce oily skin
5. Kills blackheads

1. Scoop up some of the scrub using your fingers.
2. Make sure your skin is wet or damp.
3. Scrub gently in a circular motion
4. Rinse and enjoy your brand new skin.