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Charcoal Aloe Vera Soap

Charcoal Aloe Vera Soap

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Our Charcoal Aloe Vera soap is made with fresh hand-scooped aloe vera and bamboo charcoal powder. This soap is a perfect blend of gentleness and detoxifying. 

  • Activated charcoal is a powerful addition to any soap because it helps pulls toxins from the skin. It draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other impurities to the surface of skin. This pulling out of toxins makes it a good agent for fighting acne and keep the skin free of impurities. 
  • Aloe vera is very hydrating for the skin due to its high water content that creates a barrier for the skin, it combat skin irritations such as itchiness, dryness and other imbalances.

Ingredients: aloe vera gel, charcoal bamboo powder, coconut oil, rice bran oil, shea butter and olive oil

Customer Reviews

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Great for Teens

My daughter uses this on her face and it does wonders! She uses this with exfoliating gloves and her acne cleared up within a week of use.

Marena Martinez
Great for acne prone skin!

I bought this for my husband as his face is very sensitive, at first he did break out more due to skin purging but after a week he had no more breakouts and his skin looked amazing! I would highly recommend for those with sensitive acne prone skin.

Great for face!

I've been using these for years and it has worked great with keeping my eczema away! It is safe for me to use on my kids as well.

Francina Greene
Can’t Get Enough 💕💕

This is one of the BEST soaps I have used!!