Calendula Face Serum

Calendula Face Serum

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This Calendula Serum is solar-infused over six weeks with enriching and soothing organic  calendula flowers in sweet almond oil. Calendula is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

The Benefits of Herbal Infusions
An herbal oil infusion is the pairing of the carrier oil benefits with the herb to produce a potent formula. We infused our oils using a proprietary process to reap the benefits of the herbs used. This allows for the constituents of herb to be transported into the oil. In this case, we infuse roses to reap the benefits for the skin. 

Calendula is a common flower for skin healing due to its ability to heal wounds, skin inflammation and reduce skin irritation. In addition, it helps soothe skin irritations such as eczema and psoriasis. 

Sweet Almond Oil is a non-cosmogenic which means it does not clog the skin.


Ingredients: Calendula and Sweet Almond oil