Our Story

It all started with a childhood fascination with the wild and green back in The Bahamas. Our owner spent her summers in Andros, The Bahamas pulling flowers from wild bushes, climbing trees and eating seaweed. As most childhood fascinations, she forgot about this connection until she reconnected to nature in the process of replacing toxic household and skin products with non-toxic handmade products. The benefits were obvious and quick. The fine bumps on her face decreased, allergic reactions to cleaning supplies reduced but most importantly, skin breakouts disappeared for good.

Intentional Theory is an herbal apothecary collection of all things herbal. All offerings are created with an intention in mind paired with the amazing gift of plant power. We really wanted to create products to place the power back into your hands. We believe that you have the power to reduce the toxins you consume, heal your skin and slowly transition into a healthier lifestyle. It is our intention to provide herbal offerings to guide you to a healthier way of existing. 

All herbal offerings are created with the highest quality of ingredients sourced. We believe in the power of nature to heal.