Why switch to natural soaps?
Conventional soaps have tons of chemicals and synthetic fragrances that interrupt with the skin's natural ability to heal (and glow). The most important properties of conventional soap are removed during the process, leaving you (the consumer) with detergent as soap. I am providing this information not to scare you but to inform you so that you can make the best decision for your skin.

Why use lye during the soap making process?
Lye also known as sodium hydroxide is the the natural alkaline that is used to convert oils into soap. ALL real soaps are made with lye to convert oils into soap (yes, including conventional soaps). During the saponification process, the lye is converted leaving the soap lye-free and filled with glycerin. All of our final bars do not have lye left in the soap once it cures.

How do you scent your soaps?
Most of our soaps are UNSCENTED because I believe that our senses do not need to be stimulated 24/7. Our senses need a break to heal and strengthen. When our senses are constantly on at all times, we are unable to identify natural scents such as essential oils and scents in nature. When scented, we use 100% pure essential oils which is naturally less noticeable than synthetic fragrances. However, essential oils are perfect for your skin and a great form of aromatherapy. Also, essential oils have additional benefits.

What process do you use?
Most of our soaps are created using the traditional cold process method. This is the way our ancestors created soap and it is my favorite technique. However, I might add a few bars that are made using a different process.

What inspired you?
My history of terrible skin allergies. I am allergic to an unknown in conventional soaps and skin products (I believe it is blue dye) and I got tired of the subtle allergic reactions. After showers and baths, my skin was so dry that even a tub of shea butter could not moisturize my skin. I needed a change, so I created one. After using my products, I knew that others are seeking the same change.

How to use body oils?

Our body oils are made with pure plant oils, essential oils and botanicals. They can be used as a light toxic-free perfume, hair oil, massage oil, skin moisturizer and self-love pampering tool. Do not use oils on sensitive skin or private parts. 

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