Brown Sugar Coffee Scrub
Brown Sugar Coffee Scrub

Brown Sugar Coffee Scrub

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This brown sugar coffee scrub is made for those that love the smell of coffee and the sweetness of brown sugar. The coffee scrubs makes this scrub an effective scrub to remove dead skin cells that traps ingrown hairs on the face, bikini lines and other affected areas in the body. It is scented with vanilla essential oils and smells absolutely divine. Perfect for the men in your life.

Coffee is a great exfoliant. The remaining caffeine in coffee scrubs help provide an effective scrub without irritating the skin such as salt scrubs. It helps increase blood flow, reduce the appearance of cellulite and provide an even skin tone.

Brown sugar is a great way to compliment coffee. Brown sugar has a natural occurring agent called molasses left. Molasses is a natural humectant. It gives the skin shiny glow by exfoliating dead cells from the outer skin.

Honey attracts moisture to the skin. It has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that help with skin health. It’s great to treat acne, skin inflammation and to soothe the skin.

1. Scoop up some of the scrub using your fingers.
2. Make sure your skin is wet or damp.
3. Scrub gently in a circular motion